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Woodland Leather Boots (Brown, Size 7)

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Kanwar's Shop
Punjab, India,
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Earn your feet a second glance by dressing them in Woodland shoes. The stylish and sturdy men’s footwear brand is a classy accessory to choose when you are exploring new terrains. Whether it’s rugged leather outdoor shoes, smart lace-up boots or casual sandals, Woodland footwear has the perfect options. +

Woodland shoes and sandals

When it comes to casual footwear, comfort, style and quality are three significant factors that men want. Woodland footwear beautifully blends all three to present cool styles for every need. Interwoven flip-flops and sandals with criss-cross straps will make a modish statement at the beach or by the pool. Smart lace-up casual shoes and leather slip-ons are a classy option for any occasion, whether it’s a stroll in the neighbourhood or a lazy Sunday lunch with friends. Made from genuine leather, Woodland shoes are sure to get you noticed.

Woodland accessories and footwear for the outdoors

Adventuring in the outdoors requires reliable footwear that is rugged and designed to withstand the toughest conditions. The range from Woodland includes protective footwear such as sturdy high-top lace-up boots. What’s more, they are so stylish that you might be tempted to wear them to enhance your look even at a casual occasion.Browse through the range of Woodland footwear on AJIO for amazing options, whether it's comfy sandals or fashionably rugged boots .

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Kanwar's Shop
Punjab, India,
Silver Member
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